Welcome to the Dusty's Depot Website

Welcome to Dusty's Depot

Thank you for stopping by. I'm Dusty. I run things here. I basically grew up in an Army Navy store. I served in the United States Marine Corps. Now I own Dusty's Depot. I started it in the spring of 2005. I started out with a couple seabags of stuff and a 400 square foot space. At this time I have a warehouse, and operate primarily on-line. I've decided to use Ebay for my internet sales gateway. It's fast, easy, and preferred by many of my customers. This way I can minimize my time on the keyboard and maximize my time getting the best products out to the world's finest customers.

I believe in buying American made products. You'll find most of the stuff I sell is of 100% U.S. origin. I have a lot of hats. Boonie hats, Marine utility covers, BDU patrol caps. I get all the different colors and camouflage patterns I can. I love GI Surplus, and get as much of it as I can. I keep my eyes out for good stuff. I price it fairly and describe it well. Customer satisfaction means a lot to me, and I want my customers to be happy with my service and my merchandise. I'll add something to the website here from time to time, but my ebay store is really the place to watch. Just follow the link.

Dusty's Depot ebay store: Dusty's Depot